The WEAR THIS Outfit Generator Story

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I was going to be an ‘app developer,’ but I guess stranger things have happened.  The development of the WEAR THIS outfit generator all started by chance…let me paint the picture for you:

New Year’s day 2016 I was sitting on my couch in the evening scrolling through Facebook.  I happened upon a post in a cleaning & organization group that I follow (side note-back in 2005 when I joined Facebook I would have never thought I would be in a group about cleaning). Someone posted about an app that she used to helped her to organize her closet and it allowed her to create outfits from her clothing.  I thought to myself ‘Oh that’s so cool, the app tells you what outfits you can wear from your own closet!

I looked into the app a little and it turns out that it didn’t do what I thought it did…the user actually had to create their own outfits, which was still cool but didn’t help me because I wanted the decision making process of putting together an outfit to be eliminated or at least shortened. So I went down the wormhole of fashion apps looking for a basic outfit generator app and it turns out there wasn’t one that I could find in the Android marketplace.

A couple of days later I mentioned the app idea to my creative and talented cousin Maria.  Luckily she thought it was a good idea and we decided to partner up and form a small business, then find a developer to code our app.

We found someone that did coding part time and worked closely with him on the app design, features and fashion ‘rules.’

Functions of WEAR THIS

We knew the main basic function we wanted the app to be able to do was to generate an outfit based on what the user had told us she owned.  We decided to start with this function and launch the app, then add on features from there. The best way for the app to give an outfit suggestion was to have a database of basic clothing that the user could match her wardrobe with.  Since we knew the outfits we wanted to suggest were basic easy-to-wear outfits, we decided that the details of the user’s clothes wouldn’t matter that much.  For example, the orange blouse pictured in our database wouldn’t be the same orange blouse our user owned, but we could still pair it with jeans and heels and the outfit would work.

It’s now two years later and we’re finally ready to launch! In the past two years we’ve been super busy perfecting the outfit rules (based on up-to-date trends), adding and coloring images, finding issues in the test files, and, oh yeah, getting married, having babies, renovating houses, and growing our families (no wonder the development process has taken so long!).

Well, we’re now in the final stages of development and we’re so excited to share this project with everyone.  Right now the app is an outfit generator that answers the question “What should I wear today?” with “WEAR THIS!” We have so many exciting ideas and plans for the future and we hope you’ll join us for the crazy, well-dressed ride! Check out our website for the download link for Android devices soon!


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