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A New Fashion App is Hitting the Play Store

We’ve been so busy this past year developing a fashion app for Android Devices. The app, called ‘WEAR THIS,’ helps women answer the question ‘What should I wear today?

This app is different from other fashion applications on the marketplace because it takes into consideration what you already own in your own closet and suggests basic outfits to wear.  All you have to do is tell the app what you own and it does the rest! Learn more about the app.

We’re now at the point in development to test the application.  If you have an Android device and you’re interested in helping us out by beta testing WEAR THIS, please comment below and we’ll send you the app.

After downloading

Please create an account (so you can access your closet across multiple devices) and get started!

  1. Tell the app your workplace dress code in the “Profile” section
  2. Add clothing to your closet
  3. Get outfit suggestions

To add clothing, simply match your wardrobe to the clothing in our database.  Don’t worry if the styles/colors/patterns don’t match exactly.  The app just needs to know the basics of what you own.  Because we’re not requiring users to take pictures of each article of clothing they own, the important step of adding your clothing is very quick.  Most users are able to add their entire wardrobe to the app in under 15 minutes.

After you play around in the app for a while, please let us know if you come across any issues such as missing pictures, typos, app crashes, etc. These are the types of issues we will need to fix before adding the app to the Google Play Store.

Please keep in mind that this is a first generation version of the application.  We have a lot of big plans and updates for WEAR THIS in the future, including outfit suggestions based on weather, shopping links, adding your own pictures, closet sharing, saving outfits and choosing a specific article of clothing to build an outfit around.  If you have any other cool ideas for future versions of the app, we’d love to hear them in the comments below!


Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions!

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