Q: What should I do if my “long sleeved, blue patterned blouse” (or any other article of clothing) is different than the one in your database?

That’s OK! Chances are our clothes won’t exactly match your clothes. In most instances, the details don’t matter! Even if your shirt isn’t the same as ours, the key components are the same: style, color and pattern. Just add your blouse to your virtual closet with the proper tags and we’ll do our best to give you appropriate outfit suggestions that incorporate a long sleeved, blue patterned blouse.

Q: What if my article of clothing has more than one color in it?

Do your best to identify the most prominent color of your article of clothing and use that color in your tag. When you get an outfit suggestion that gives you a red t-shirt with a pattern, you’ll know that it is referring to your t-shirt with red, blue and green flowers on it.

Q: Why did the app suggest that I wear my olive green t-shirt with my neon green flats?

While we try to suggest new ways to wear your clothes, we might not always get it right because your clothes are probably different than our clothes. The details don’t usually matter, but sometimes they do! If a suggested outfit doesn’t work, use the outfit given as a starting point. Just grab your black flats instead of your neon green ones and you’re good to go!